Arrayscan (Kremlin-Bicêtre)

The immunocytochemistry images were acquired using the automated photomicroscope ArrayScan VTI (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.) and analyzed using the associated software vHCS Studio v6.6.0 (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.).

The high throughput microscopy stage (ArrayScan VTI) is a multiparametric cell analysis station that allows rapid acquisitions of fluorescent cells (live or fixed) on slides or plates of cell preparations (96 to 1536 wells).

This technology makes it possible to identify, analyse and quantify a set of cellular components or functions (activation of intracellular signalling pathways, protein trafficking, cell morphometry, cell migration, neurite growth, cell differentiation and proliferation, evaluation of the toxicological properties of molecules).

The Arrayscan VTI thus constitutes a rapid and reproducible means for the quantification of intracellular processes such as the modulation of protein expression levels, signaling pathway activation, neurite length, activation of autophagy, etc….

Fluorophores detectable by the Arrayscan

Hoechst FITC TRITC Texas Red Cy5
DAPI Fluorescein
GFP, EGFPAlexa Fluor 488 Whole Cell Stain GreenYOYO®-1
SYTOX® Green
Whole Cell Stain OrangeAlexa Fluor 546
Alexa Fluor 555DyLight™ 549
Dil (DilC18(3))
Alexa Fluor 594
Alexa Fluor 568Y0-PRO™-3
Whole Cell Stain RedAlexa Fluor 647
-TOTO®-3DiD (DilC18(5))