The flow cytometry technical platform is an indispensable service for the advancement of projects of the various units within the SFR regional federative structure at the Paul Brousse Hospital site. The researchers who use this platform work in various fields such as embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and their microenvironment, cancerology, haematology and hepatology.

This cytometry service is accessible to any user (internal or external to the site) expressing needs in flow cytometry and cell sorting.

The quality of this service is maintained by :

  • Research and development with the implementation of innovative techniques and collaborative project
  • Constant improvement of the equipment

Flow cytometry scientific and technical manager en flux

Clay Denis – IEHC INSERM

Tél : 01 45 59 53 04


The expertise of this technical platform allows us to offer the following services :

  • Characterisation of stem cells and sorting of rare events (HSC, CSE, CSC, MSC…)
  • Sorting and multiparametric analysis of stem cells coupled with cellular functionalities (Side Population, ALDH)
  • Clonal sorting with characterisation of each cell (BD output index)
  • Cell cycle on living cells (Hoechst, Pyronin Y) or fixed cells (phase of the cycle, cyclins), ploidy, proliferation, apoptosis
  • Analysis and sorting of microparticles / microvesicles
  • Analysis and sorting of spermatozoa
  • Extra (>10) and intracellular multicolour marking
  • Measurement of cellular activity (MDR pumps, Calcium flux)
  • Training and supervision of users in cytometry techniques on cytometers and analysis software (FacsDiva, Flowjo, Weasel)
  • Self-service access to the analysers after prior theoretical and practical training. An online booking calendar is freely available (access on request)
  • Participation in the development of projects and the examination of their feasibility
  • Design of adapted experimental protocols in order to analyse and, if necessary, sort out the population(s) of interest (1 to 4). For more information on the services and rates offered, please do not hesitate to contact us