The Joint Service Unit 44 “Institut Biomédical du Val de Bièvre” (IBVB), associating the University of Paris-Saclay and Inserm, our two institutional partners, pursues 2 objectives :

  • To provide the constituent structures with essential support for fundamental and translational research activities on the Bicêtre and P. Brousse site.
  • To offer its services to other research structures.

This UMS is located on two sites: the Bicêtre hospital and the Paul Brousse hospital. The UMS44 provides access to various services and technical platforms: imaging, genomics, cytometry and support services (live model, laundry, L2 laboratories, communication, infrastructures, management centre, etc.).

Staff are assigned to those technical platforms on a full-time basis. In order to achieve its objectives, the IBVB must :

  • maintain and expand the existing technical platforms,
  • ensure communication and coordination actions between the different constituent structures,
  • to strengthen the interactions between the UMRs in a scientific site,
  • anticipate the arrival of new teams and the development of research in the context of the extension of the Paris-Saclay Faculty of Medicine.

All in all, the UMS 44 / Institut Biomédical de la Vallée de la Bièvre (IBVB) ensures research excellence on the Bicêtre and P. Brousse sites, by pooling human and financial resources, sharing information and creating a collaborative dynamic between the different structures.