Biological resources

Animal husbandry and experimentation of transgenic animals :

The animal house, classified A2, consists of several distinct areas: an EOPS (Excempt of Specific Pathogenic Organism) breeding area, a “conventional clean” housing area for animals undergoing experimentation, an NOD-SCID area for immunodeficient mice in isolator, a room dedicated to the study of chronobiology and a room giving access to the IVIS system for imaging small animals.

Three technicians manage these areas ensuring good access to food, water and animal welfare. Enrichment is present in each cage and is regularly renewed for better stimulation of the animal and a reduction in behavioural disorders.

The animal husbandry team is also involved in experimental projects by advising and providing technical assistance to the various research teams during the implementation of transgenic mouse breeding or experimental manipulation.

Biological resources department

Scientific and technical manager

Benoit Peuteman

Paul Brousse Hospital
Lavoisier Building
16 avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier
94 800 Villejuif

Email :

The entire animal unit is equipped with Tecniplast ventilated racks connected to Smart Flow ventilation units. They can accommodate mice or rats.

This unit provides optimum ergonomics for the user and increased protection for the animal, both in terms of well-being (control of air flow, larger cage) and biological protection.

The environment is standardised for reproducible results and more efficient research.

Each room is also equipped with a changing and handling hood with laminar flow, respecting the ISO4 class with an excellent protection barrier for each user.

One room is dedicated to isolators to accommodate immunodeficient mice.

Another accommodation room is equipped with chronobiology cabinets.
Two laboratory and examination rooms are present in the animal house and offer the following

  • Handling hoods
  • Paillasse
  • IVIS Spectrum for bioluminescence and fluorescence studies
  • Isoflurane gas anaesthesia workstations
  • Centrifuges, scales, microscopes, infusion station, etc…

Each piece of equipment and room is subject to reservation for optimal working comfort and organisation for each user.

The services and benefits offered to the teams are as follows:

  • Maintenance and installation of wall lines
  • Access to the accommodation area
  • Access to examination papers
  • Access to available facilities

The animal care team is responsible for the maintenance of the cages, the well-being of the animals and good access to food and water. Each person is also trained in the different sampling or injections and will accompany you in each manipulation or experimentation.

For the current rates, please contact the person in charge of the laboratory animal house.